Center for Documentary Studies
    In recent years, the Department of Media and Communication (DMC) at China Agricultural University (CAU) has provided consistent encouragement to both undergraduates and postgraduates in the production of documentaries. As a result, a series of works themed on “Chinese Countryside” have been made, winning top prizes in a number of well-known documentary festivals and contests at home and abroad including PLURAL+2010 festival,Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival,International Selection Conference of China Documentary Film,International film festival in the west of China,Xi'an?China International Folk Video Festival ,College students' original Beijing university student film festival film contest,International Collegiate New Media Cultural Festival,etc.
    To facilitate our communication with other domestic and international organizations and institutions for documentary production and research, Center for Documentary Studies (CDS) at CAU was established by DMC on October 19, 2014. CDS is dedicated to the production of documentaries with international visions and independent viewpoints as well as the distribution of these works through various media channels so that the cultural values of documentaries and critical thinking of filmmakersuponsociety will be fully presented. CDS regularly invites from home and abroad some experienced documentary-makers, scholars and professors in the field of documentary studies to give screenings, lectures and master classes. CDS attempts to set up a global-wide professional platform to encourage more young people to participate in documentary-making. Meanwhile, CDS hosts an International Documentary Exhibition for Young Filmmakers annually in autumn. The Exhibition welcomes the screening of new works by prominent young documentary-makers across the world. After the screening, filmmakers make face-to-face communication and dialogues with the audience.
    As a key platform for practice teaching in DMC, CDS highlights the importance of creative practice in developing students’ independent thinking about social reality along with the creativity and team spirit in the documentary production process --- selecting topics, research, scriptwriting, audio-visual narrative, editing, marketing and so on. Currently, many graduates of DMC have continued to study for Masters in documentary or film studies or MFA in well-known universities like Northwestern University and New York University in the USA, Edinburgh University in the UK, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Beijing Normal University and so on.

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Center Address : China Agricultural University,No. 17 Tsing Hua East Road,HaiDian District,Beijing, P. R. China
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