The First International Youth Director Documentary Screening Was Held Successfully


The photo of the young director and center members



The shoot director of Up the Yangtze communicates with the audience



The director of Yangtze Drift communicates with the audience



The interaction between the audience and the director



The audience are watching the documentary



The interaction between the members and the director



The photo of the director Shiqing Wang and the professor Gang Chen



The photo of professor Gang Chen and center volunteers


    October 18 to 19, the first international youth director Documentary screenings co-hosted by Center for Documentary Studies at China Agricultural University, the " contemporary cinema" magazine and the " digital video times" magazine was successfully held in Auditorium CIAD of China Agricultural University West Campus. Four young directors from home and abroad come with their latest documentary, and after show they communicated with the audience face to face.
    9:00 am on the 18th, screenings began. The first is UP THE YANGTZE shot by ShiQing Wang. The story revolves two young persons’ life in cities along the YangZi. The two young persons working on the Three Gorges came from different cruise, and they life changed thoroughly because of the Three Gorges Project. The film awarded the best cinematography for a Documentary Feature in RiverRun International Film Festival in 2008 and awarded the nominees for EMMY awards in the category in outstanding achievement of cinema photography in 2009.
    The films Yangtze Drift and school were screened at afternoon on the 18th. Yangtze Drift documents the environment along the Yangtze which combine with the abstract aesthetic conception by realistic technique. This river which brings up Chinese from generation to generation has went through though through thousands of bias and dispute in the history. And now it is still flowing in the history, feeding the Chinese, never ends. The aesthetic black and white image describes the long history of Yangtze and gives it extraordinary beauty. School was shot in Hubei HuangShi Squar Road primary school, it documents what a primary school in China looks like: Young pioneers’ activities, Theme class meeting……Its richness make the audiences’ experience very complex. It not only aroused your primary school life, maybe similar childhood, but also made you to consider the deep level problems behind the young faces.
    The last film was Nowhere To Call Home. The documentary was screened at the American Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) in August of this year 2014. This is the film's Chinese first screening. To know the Tibetan communities in remote areas deeply, director Jocelyn Ford overcame many difficulties, showing the complex choices which China's Tibetan farmers face in contemporary.

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