Center For Documentary Studies At China Agricultural University Was Established



Group photo of school leaders, expert advisory and youth directors



Deputy Party Secretary in China Agricultural University Shicheng Qin made a speech



Director of Center for Documentary Studies Wenjun An made a speech



Qin issued the letter of appointment for Expert advisory Yefu Leng



Qin issued the letter of appointment for Expert advisory Xiaocun Wu



Representative of Expert advisory, Proprieter of contemporary film magazine Yichuan Huangfu made a speech



The Director of Digital Image Commission in Chinese Radio and TV Equipment Industry Association Su Li made a speech


Representative of Director Jocelyn Ford made a speech
Expert advisory committee

    The Center for Documentary Studies(CDS) at China Agricultural University was established in Beijing on October 19. Director of CDS Wenjun An said that the Department of Media & Communication at China Agricultural University has been always encouraging undergraduates and graduate students engaged in documentary creation, and has produced a series of documentaries with the theme of ‘Earthbound China’, some of them has won many domestic and international awards. In the future, An pointed out CDS would be based on dominant position in the field of agricultural science and education of China Agricultural University, take a group of high quality documentaries with deep social concern and humanistic care.
    The executive Director of CDS Gang Chen said: “We will be dedicated to create documentaries with a view of international perspective, promote and spread through a variety of media channels and forms, show cultural charm of documentary and the thinking for the social reality of creators. CDS will organize academic lectures and academic exchange activities regularly, and invite experts, scholars, and documentary creators with rich experience from home and abroad to attend. We will try to establish a free, open and pluralistic exchange platform between creators and researchers, encouraging and guiding more young people to participate in documentary creation.”


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