American Experiment Film Artist John Rash Visited CDS


John is sharing his creative experience
The photo of John、Jocelyn and the center teachers

    Oct17th 2014,American experiment film artist John Rash visited CDS. John first visit CDS and media and communication department, meanwhile he had a communication deeply with professor WenJun An and professor Gang Chen and other center staffs.
    Rash’s works have the elements of documentary photography, installation art and film-making. His creation concept and style stem from his unique view of picture photography and film. His film camera language can be considered multi-level extension of picture photography in time and space. He achieves try and innovation of different elements of art.In his works. His vivid film camera language interprets his understanding of the different regional culture successfully. He graduated from department of experimental and documentary of Duke University in 2014 and got the MFA. Now he works in Kunshan Duke University.
His representative works include Inevitable Development, Yangtze Drift, One Party Ultimate Night Club.

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