Name:Nowhere To Call Home

Duration: 85 minutes

Director:Jocelyn Ford



  Widowed at 28, Tibetan farmer Zanta defies her father-in-law and after her husband's death refuses to marry the family's only surviving son. When Zanta's in-laws won't let her seven-year-old go to school, she flees her village and heads to Beijing where she becomes a street vendor. Destitute, and barely able to speak Mandarin, Zanta asks a foreign customer to help pay her boy's school fees. On a New Year's trip back to her village, Zanta's in-laws try to keep her son, drawing the unwitting American into the family feud. The two women forge a partnership to try to out-maneuver the in-laws, who according to tradition get the final say on their grandson.



  Director Jocelyn Ford, former Beijing and Tokyo bureau chief for the U.S. public radio show Marketplace, has reported from over a dozen countries during her three decades in East Asia. In 2001 she became the first foreigner to broadcast news live on China Radio International. She has also conducted journalist trainings at CRI and been a guest lecturer in Chinese universities. In Japan, Jocelyn’s groundbreaking reporting on "comfort women" in the 1990s was a catalyst for raising awareness about World War II abuses of women by Japan's military. During three years of filming NOWHERE TO CALL HOME, Jocelyn gained rare access to remote Tibetan communities to shine light on the complex choices facing Tibetan farmers living in contemporary China.
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