Name:Yangtze Drift

Duration: 21 minutes

Director:John Rash



    ‘The unique features of a local environment always give special characteristics to its inhabitants’. YANGTZE DRIFT documents the environment along the Yangtze which combine with the abstract aesthetic conception by realistic technique. This river which brings up Chinese from generation to generation has went through though through thousands of bias and dispute in the history. And now it is still flowing in the history, feeding the Chinese, never ends. The aesthetic black and white image describe the long history of Yangtze and give it extraordinary beauty.

Be selected by film festival:
2014.4,17th American Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
2014.5,11th soul green film festival in Korea
2014.6, 17th Brooklyn film festival and 17th ShangHai international film festival



    Rash’s works have the elements of documentary photography, installation art and film-making. His creationconcept and style stem from his unique view of picture photography and film. His film cameralanguagecan be considered multi-level extension of picture photography in time and space. He achieves try and innovation of different elements of art
In his works. His vivid film cameralanguageinterprets his understanding of the different regional culturesuccessfully. He graduated from department of experimental and documentary of Duke University in 2014 and got the MFA. Now he works in Kunshan Duke University.
His representative works include Inevitable Development, Yangtze Drift, One Party Ultimate Night Club.
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